File Access for Object Storage

What are the greatest data storage and management challenges that organizations are facing today? How can they be addressed?

What are the key differences between “cloud first, on-premises second" and "on-premises first" models?

How can organizations with mission-critical on-premises workflows benefit from the cloud?

File Access for Object Storage WP Cover

This primer will take you through:

  • An overview of file systems and storage platforms  
  • Storage tiering and data lifecycle management
  • Hierarchical file storage compared to object and cloud storage
  • Limitations when it comes to integrating cloud storage into on-premises workflows
  • Strategies for integrating local file systems and cloud storage

“The migration of legacy servers and applications has proven to be slow, difficult and challenging for many users. There is a need for a new hybrid architecture that can facilitate the integration and migration of large-scale Windows NTFS cloud deployments while reducing cost and complexity.”